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HP released this ergonomic laptop (model number 15-au123cl) in October 2016. It features Windows 10 and a touch screen.

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My laptop wont turn on

I put the laptop down on the desk and went to turn on the power… as soon as i touched it, there was a static shock. The screen went black and keyboard lights turned on. It wouldn't turn off. So i held the power button down to turn it off… and now it won't turn on anymore.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Hi @bikis88 ,

Are there any indications that there is power on the laptop when you connect the charger to the laptop, switch it on and then turn on the laptop, e.g. power light , fans turns on etc.

If so is there a pattern to the lights if they are blinking or are there any beeps during startup and is there a pattern to them?


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Try something for me. Try taking out the battery on the back, probably has some simple latch to take it out, plug in the charger, then try turning it on. That should directly power the laptop through your charger. If it works, then replace the laptop battery, cheap and easy. You would just look up your laptop’s battery. If it doesn’t, it COULD still be that issue. The charger may not be efficient enough to boot it by itself or other problems. So I would still try getting one. If nothing else works, then its your laptops motherboard in which you could try other things but it could mean the whole system is broke. Just give some more detail after trying that, I'm not implying you can’t fix it! Don’t worry :)

The fact you said you had a static with the machine and its turns off means it definitely fried or damaged some electronically part that keeps it on. So that would make me personally want to assume its the laptop battery!

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Thanks guys! I just took out the battery and then plugged it in and it worked. Static must have messed with the charge? And i learned how to open a laptop ;)

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Ok great man. No problem


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