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Stuck at looking for updates

Hi all I have a LG g3 vista love that phone its rooted one day it started acting goofy so I shut it off the next day I turn it on and its at the safe start or factory reset spot you can just continue they're also that's what I did didn't get anywhere so I tried safe mode didn't help so I did a factory reset bingo so I thought now it goes as far as to looking for software update that's it awesome phone would love to get it a side note its not used as a cell phone its only for streaming to tv or I have a few things I stream to and I use it for internet so there ya go please let me know if you Think you might have the answer to fix Thanks…I don't have much if any access to a computer other then my tablet Thanks

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Thanks but no that's not it I've been using them booting or trying to boot it functions fine tell it gets to search for updates the twrp isn't visible and it should be

just says modified I thought it should have at spot in the safe start area that I can click on to get into TWRP but it's not showing


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check to make sure none of the buttons are stuck in place, volume, power etc. Could cause failed boot same way a lot of pcs or laptops won’t boot if you keep a key pressed down.

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