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Released in 1989 by apple computer, discontinued in 1991

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SE FDHD Logic board blank screen

I got a SE FDHD (I know, not a SE/30, but quite similar. that was basically like a puzzle. It was fully disassembled, I put it together and when I plugged it in and flicked the switch… nothing. So, I decided to put it away somewhere for a while then one day, I decided to take it out again and try it with one of my known good SE/30 boards (because all SE logic boards work with each other) and it actually worked. So, it’s pretty obvious that the logic board is broken, but I don’t know what’s wrong with it. The battery seems to be fine, not to much leakage that I can tell, but I haven’t tried booting it without the battery (don’t know if that would work). Can anyone help me please?

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What I can tell you is the SE FDHD was just an SE with a hard drive. It was only a 16 MHz CPU.

The logic board you put in SE/30 is the better CPU! It runs at 30 GHz. So unless you have a reason to make the slower board work I would just stick with the better board.


@danj The SE30 had a 68030 Motorola processor but it ran at 16 MHz


The SE/SE FDHD have 8MHz 68000 CPUs.

The SE/30 is a beast:

* 16MHz 68030 CPU with math coprocessor

* 8 RAM slots capable of reading 4MB sticks (so, you can use 32MB RAM if you have 32 Bit Enabler installed)

* internal FDS expansion slot - there are graphics and Ethernet cards available)

* internal SCSI hard drive+external SCSI port

* ADB keyboard/mouse

20 years ago, before network routers got cheap, I used to retrofit SE/30s as office routers, adding 8MB RAM and an Ethernet card, installing System 7.1+Open Transport 1.3+32-Bit Enabler+IPNetRouter, plug them into the office Ethernet switch and stick them in a closet. They'd just run on and on; the combination of System 7.1 and the Open Transport 1.3 networking stack was remarkably stable. Plus, they're ideal for old-school games.


I just want to use the original board. I don't care about performance because im not using this everyday. I don't have any extra SE/30 boards but even if I did, I'd still want to use the origional board because it gives it the extra feel.

And what does it matter to you? This isn't yours, it's mine, I can do what I want with it.

rant over


Sorry @retrorider - I thought I was clear, some people want pristine systems which appears what you are looking for! I have no problem with that,


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Failures on most of these are due to capacitors going bad. Look for swollen and/or leaking cans. Burn spots may sometimes also be seen. This failing, there is a guy that specializes in repairing these. Mac Caps

I’ve used him and been satisfied with the results. He does quality replacements and is a careful repairman. But, like what he works on, not the speediest of shops, but worth the wait.

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