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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Replaced flex cable, now power, home, touch screens not working.

I have two ipod touch gen2 (one 16gb, one 32gb). Replaced flex cable for different reasons on both, but after installation, both exhibit identical symptoms: No response to touch screen, home, or power buttons. I don't know if volume or wifi work or not, but the battery charges and both will sync with itunes. I followed instructions for flex cable install using 3M 9703 tape, per Mr. Gilks on youtube. Any suggestions on where I went wrong or what I can try next?

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Stacie, I am sorry I do not know Mr. Gilks. What I suggest is that you take a close look at this guide iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Replacement and double check your work. Make sure that all your connections are clean and that all connectors are seated right. Also, why did you need to replace the flex cable?

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These units had been opened by previous owners. One had a torn cable, the other had an unresponsive touch screen and I'd replaced everything but the logic board and flex cable, so I figured that was the next step. Thanks for the link, I will give it another go!


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try VERY light heatgunning on flex cable so it will have a better connection to logic board.

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