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A chromebook produced by Lenovo in 2016 for educational use.

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Why does my chromebook keep crashing

i will be doing work on my Chromebook and then bam it just crashes and restarts

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how often does it crash? is it while using any program? how much Ram does the system tell you it has?


it has 2 gigabytes of ram and I can have all the tabs and programs closed and i try to change wallpaper and it crashes.


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This is a very common problem with all types of Chromebooks. A powerwash is typically needed in order to fix this issue, although. Back up any data you have stored on your Chromebook as powerwashing your Chromebook will erase all of it’s data!

When you are ready, head over to your status area to access the Settings From here, choose Advanced Settings, and look for the section called Powerwash. Here, choose Reset, then choose Restart and enter your Google Account information.

  • Note that you should only do this with a personal Chromebook, not a work or school version.

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