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The Nikon D5200 is an F-mount DSLR camera with a 24.1 megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor. The D5200 has a maximum resolution of 6000x4000 and is capable of 1080p video recording.

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Nikon D5200 Black Screen

the screen does not turn on at all, but it takes pictures and does everything, lcd is newly installed and the screen still does not come, what is the problem on the motherboard?

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Make sure the LCD cable is installed the correct side up. Also, double check that you lined up the ribbon cable into the connector and pressed down the retention tab. If that still doesn't work, your cable which connects the LCD to the board may be damaged. It may have been severed at the hinge location.

Good Luck!

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I commented in another Nikon thread, but it was for a D5300 asking for advice on a similar issue. The answer was to replace the screen following the D5200 tutorial.

And just like this case my camera does scything, it zooms, takes pictures, the viewfinder is showing normal. It is just the screen that shows a black image (black image with the backlighting on). Like not receiving a signal black, not like turned off black like Ömer's case.

If I remember correctly, when the battery is very low the display will not show anything either... right?. Could it be a battery problem?. In any case, I went ahead and bought an LCD replacement from eBay and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Should I get a new battery to see if that somehow works?.... but as I said, the camera zooms correctly and takes pictures so.........


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