Circulation pump intermittently working

My dishwasher circulation pump will only intermittently work. Dishwasher fills and drains just fine but sometimes it will just sit quietly while it should be washing. If I open the door and close it to continue the cycle sometimes I hear the pump try to start about 3 times before giving up. Other times I just hear a relay click 3 times.

I have actually replaced the circulation pump because I though it may have gone bad but this did not solve my problem.

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Hello - did you ever get a resolution to your issue with your dishwasher? We have a similar problem with ours.


You may want to try to lower the drain pipe into a bucket for testing it. In mine, after doing that, the dishwasher came back to work. I also cleaned the U-shape drain on the wall just in case.


This is normal, on the side of the circulation pump it says " 22 min on/ 10 min off" Its a way to let the stuck on food soften and save energy. The longer wash cycle (heavy duty), the more pronounced is this "sitting" feature.


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