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Vizio Tv stuck on startup screen

Vizio tv stuck on logo screen

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Will that work if your TV is frozen and cut on or off by the remote,but unplugging it got it to go off.What if when I plug it up,the picture is still frozen and I can't work it with the remote?


I fixed my vizio V505-g9 , by first unplug the tv for a few minutes, then plug it in and turn it on, when you see the language where your stuck, push the input button and the +volume button at the same time, it should reset the tv in about 30 seconds.


I have the same model of TV with the same issue. I'm stuck on the language selection screen. Despite holding down the + volume and input button, my TV did not restart on it's on.


Michael...thank you! I had tried everything and nothing Worked until your suggestion. I held down the input button on the back of the TV with the volume up button and poof....the TV came right one. Thanks!!!!!


Michael, thank you! It worked!


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To reset the tv;

Turn off wall plug , press and hold tv power on button (on the tv not on the remote!) for approx 30 sec.

Leave tv unplugged for 30 minutes and then restart tv by using tv power on button.

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It didn't work.. any other ideas


That didn't work for my TV neither, I really need more help & ideas


nope did not work



1. I unplugged my TV from power source.

2. I held the power button on the TV for 15 or more seconds.

3. I waited at least 30 minutes.

4. I plugged the power source back in and powered on the TV from the back. Once on...

5. The side information and instructions menu came up about vizo TV

6. I then used my remote to scroll down and choose reset TV

7. The box came up and asked "do you want to reset?" (I SELECT YES)



Capacitors in the TV hold enough voltage that it can keep a soft error "alive" even after unplugging. Holding the power button down after unplugging drains that last little bit of voltage. It is a necessary step.


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Pressing the power button when your TV isn’t plugged in will never do anything. (Think about it.) If your Vizio is stuck on the logo the problem is the main board, which you can replace. I had the same problem and fixed it. Before you say "No way I could open up my TV" that's what I thought but after looking at a youtube video on replacing a Vizio main board I realized you just need a screwdriver and to pop out the old board and put in the new one. It’s only $50 for a new main board and what do you have to lose if your TV is otherwise broken? My VIZIO E600I-B3 was stuck on the logo, and I ordered a used "main board" from a parts site online. I removed all the screws from the back. Then I carefully placed my TV face down on a towel on a table and popped the back off. The main board has several connectors. Carefully remove them (take a picture first so you know where the connectors go), unscrew the four screws, replace the board, and put the connectors and screws back, and then the back on. It took me an hour because I was being slow and careful. Cost me $50 for the board and my Vizio is working as good as new!

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I had this happen. I switched inputs on the back of the TV to my hdmi (firestick) and did the factory reset from that screen. do the reset- hold down the down arrow and power button (from back of tv) for 10-15s and the menu pops up. it let me use my remote after and everything seems to be working.

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did not work


Didn't work with me, either. I feel like I'm stuck with a 55 inch paper weight!


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