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Asus Q534U is part of ASUSTek Computer Inc. Q-series laptops. The laptop has a 360 degree folding hinge that allows the device to change between laptop and tablet by a simple fold.

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The charger port is broken

Hi I wanted to get some more opinions so my original charger for my computer broke, so I bought a new one that didn’t ezacrly fit for my laptop and I was forcing it in… I finally bought the right one and it wasn’t charging it At all I took it to the repair shop and they said that my charger port is connected to the whole laptop and that replacing it would just cost as much as what I paid for which was around 1,200$ I’ve only had this laptop for about two years so I want to get some different opinion or just the straight truth that I can’t do anything about it.

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@kcthreadsntech  Okay that’s very weird that they would say I have to replace my mother board perhaps my motherboard is damaged ? But thank you so much for this Advice it’s given me motivation to go see a different repair shop for a different opinion. Thank you


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This repair price will vary per repair shop and the reason being because this is a soldering job. The part itself cost will cost no more the about $6-$12 but the ability to have some one desolder the old port and solder the new port on.

At my shop this wouldn’t be anymore then about 129.99 dollar repair but then again we solder things all the time. (HDMI Replacements, Charger ports for tablets, iphone IC chips, etc.)

The repair shop you went to is probably charging you for an entire new computer or new motherboard.

The link below show a similar repair to what you would have to do if you feel comfortable doing it.

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