Sanyo tv malfunctioning now

Hello i bought my sanyo flat screen tv back in 2014 and now it's been a while since I watched tv or played the game it's working fine except the input list just pops up repeatedly and it acts as if im moving the cursor up and down repeatedly without using the remote it's repeatedly making the input list stay on the screen moving up and down without me using the remote and during the tv doing this it switches the channel too i used the tv buttons manually on the tv to fix it and I did the reset part auto channel scan and even tried to reboot the tv i even thought my remote control was acting up making the input list pop up like that switching channels and all but its the tv itself so i really need help in fixing it it's getting annoying and I can't watch tv or even play the game with my tv acting like this help me out please if nothing works then I'll just have to buy another tv

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Hi @tbiultkkcbkilla ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Try removing the batteries from the remote control unit, to either confirm or eliminate it as the cause of the problem. (You didn't say whether you tried this or not) If you had tried this apologies.

Try removing the TV button board connection from the mainboard and see if it is the cause of the problem. Obviously you'll need to remove the back off the TV etc. Be careful how to disconnect the plug. Take you time to work out how it unplugs as you do not want to break or tear anything. There may be pop up latches etc I don't know what type of connection it is for your TV Always remove the cable plug by the plug and don't pull on the wires itself if it is avoidable.


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