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The Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C-T02US 15.6” is one of the inexpensive Series 3 laptop that was released in 2012. Core i5-3210M processor and graphics muscle of the AMD Radeon HD 7730M 2GB optimizes it for resource-heavy applications or multimedia.

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Why my laptop turn itself on and off again and again

Hi everybody, i have a np350v5c laptop. I have it for six years but i never had any kind of problem. Last week out of nowhere my laptop shut itself off. And then i take it to service they change some chips that around the proccesor and since my Windows damaged they set up not licensed w10. Everythings perfect There but after 12 hours in the middle od the night it’s shut itself and turn on-off loop start again. The rapirman unplugged completly it’s start perfectly then set New Windows it’s working there. When i come home it’s start after a while turn on-off loop i thought that it might be house electricical system and i tried some other places and happen the Same thing. So my problem is that what could cause that kind of problem.

I think that Overheat out of chart because laptop pretty cold.

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if you have a strange behaviour like battery is running well and suddenly it shuts down, but later you can turn it on again may be is a damaged battery, if you have win 10 check this powershell command in some battery drain /charge cycles.

powercfg /batteryreport /output "$ENV:userprofile\Desktop\BatteryReport.html"

i hope it helps.



Update (11/01/2018)

try using a iso of ubuntu or some user friendly ISOS even memtest86 memtest86+ (testing memory also) and you hits two birds with the same stone

Update (11/01/2018)

Linux distros ISOS i mean, once downloaded burn it to a dvd and load the operative system. if Linux runs properly it is a problem with hardware may be memory/hard drive or in software may be licensing in windows is messed up

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i have the same issue with a dead battery on my samsung gt n8010. it suddenly started to "chop" the graph of battery usage and according to the info that the battery is old it might be time to replace the battery.


i doesn’t have battery for a long time always use with adapter. i use win8.1. Ty for answer any other idea :)


It may be a Counterfeit windows 10 protection??? have you tried booting from an usb or dvd drive with linux??


is the period the same between turning on off??


i delete completly harddrive after sets Windows 8 pro (not licensed) and reach the desktop i set my own licensed Windows 8.1 single language. But might be counterfere with pro. Not same sometimes longer sometimes it’s almost reach the desktop but i think because of Windows files damaged it’s restart and on-off loop back


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