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Google Home voice-activated speaker, equipped with Google Assistant. Announced October 4, 2016 and released November 4, 2016.

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How can I repair mics on Google home?

My mics on my Google home seem to be dead. They're not muted. I've spoken with Google support but am out of warranty. I would like to repair this but can't find replacement parts for the mic.

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Have you tried tapping on the bottom of the unit while holding it upside down? Another suggestion I’ve seen is using compressed/canned air to try and dislodge any dust in the mics. It worked for me the first time when all you could hear was static in the Google Home’s audio recordings. Unfortunately, the problem has reappeared after six months of flawless operation.

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Blowing air (by mouth) in the 2 microphone holes did it for me!

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