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Samsung’un Ocak 2017’de piyasaya sürdüğü Android bazlı akıllı telefon.

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I dropped my phone and it hit the front screen now theres colors lines

I droped my phone and now theres lines all threw it going a cross it and theres two clolered lines going down it . The bottom if the screen is purple and blue . Any advice or does anyone know what is going on.

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An easy fix for a big power boost.

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Dizüstü Bilgisayar Bataryaları

An easy fix for a big power boost.

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Well first off, would you like the good news or the bad news?

  1. The Bad- In all reality, due to the color lines on your screen, the digitizer was damaged from the blunt hit to the screen during the impact. (Expect to pay anywhere from $60 and up for repair, (parts and labor), Unless you have purchased the Factory Warranty with your phone. Then you can send it in to the manufacture who will either send you a new phone or a refurbished one.

# The Good- After repairs, you will have a brand new phone with no color lines on your screen!

# Try these steps first before hand;

  1. a) Go to settings in your phone and back-up all your information, using cloud provided.
  2. b) Go to Factory Reset in your phone in the same menu in the settings menu, and choose how you want to reset.
  3. c) Follow instructions on your phones screen.
  4. (Turn your phone back on to see if the reset has fixed the error, (colored lines on your screen).

# If the above steps did not resolve your issue; *(Warning)* (Use this as a last resort)(Only try these steps if you have your G-mail and password, and you are prepared to lose any or all information, applications, contacts and so-on and so-forth.)

  1. a) Turn your phone off
  2. b) With screen off, press the power button and volume down at the same time.
  3. c) When the logo of your phones manufacture is on your screen, let go off the power button, still holding volume down until you see an Android robot on it’s back with it’s belly hatch opened.
  4. d) Now there should be some options on your screen. Choose, “Wipe Cache and Partition”... (using volume up and down to move the curser, and the power button to enter your choice).
  5. e) Next choose the option on the same screen, “Factory Reset”. This will update, and clear your whole phone back to factory settings, just like when it was brand new. This has worked many times for me, as a result to resolve a screen from glitching, colored lines on the screen, blank screen, and screen turning off and on.
  6. Hopefully these few steps will help you resolve the issue you are having with your phone. If not, like I said, in the bad news… this may cost you some money to fix.

# Mr. Gee

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