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16 Eylül 2016'da satışa sunulmuştur. Model 1660, 1778 GSM ya da CDMA olarak 32, 128 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde ve Altın Gülü, altın, gümüş, siyah ve simsiyah renklerinde satılır.

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Could this be a cause for boot loop?

Replaced a screen on a 7 today.

During the process, I accidentally broke the small black cable that has the pins that touch the ear speaker on. The rest of the front camera flex is fine, just that section is physically broken.

Now, the phone is going into boot loop.

It’s showing the Apple logo and the home button is responsive, but is just loading over and over.

Thanks in advance.


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Replace the whole flex. This is a common issue if that flex gets damaged. It happens, because the iPhone will only boot when all of its components work properly. So with the flex being partially broken, it will boot loop until the flex is replaced.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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@toreskey Got it, thanks. Have ordered another part so will see.

Any tips on removing the flex carefully and safely? (except going slowly, of course).


I usually heat the front top side of the screen to where its warm to the touch making the adhesive that holds down the pins soft, then I actually take a very small/fine blade like and x-acto knife and get under the flex. Be very careful doing that. I also have used fine point tweezers to get under the flex. Just something small and thin you can get under the flex will work fine.


Thanks, @toreskey! The problem is solved. I had a feeling it would be that as nothing else wasn't working on the device and it was clear that I had broken the ear speaker contact points. Much appreciated!


Hey no worries! Glad I could help!


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