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PlayStation 3 Slim, orijinal model numarası CECH-2000 olan PS3 video oyun konsolunun ikinci sürümüdür. Sony Computer Entertainment tarafından üretilmiştir ve orijinal (Fat) Playstation 3'ün birçok sorununu gidermiştir. Ürün 1 Eylül 2009 tarihinde piyasaya sürülmüştür.

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Replace HDMI Port PS3 Slim

I recently had my HDMI port stop working on my PS3 Slim. After trying different cables and a different TV, I've come to the conclusion that it has become separated from the board. I still haven't opened up my system yet, but does anyone have any tips as to how/if I can solder this back on?

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I am done with Sony, I bought a slim to escape the blinking red eye of death, after I had two systems go out due to that issue. Then with the slim I get a HDMI port issue, lucky for me I had an extended warranty, so no loss on my end except the hassle of sending back the unit, time an all. My advice is go get an Xbox, you wont regret it, note you will have to join Xbox live to have any real fun outside of game play, but it is worth it.

PS3 gets you with a system that burns up and goes out in about two years time, Xbox rape you on the Xbox live plan. Either way even having to pay for online play and services Xbox is far more stable, especially when it comes to games that are PC to console, less translation and all since Xbox is Microsoft, and the programing is very similar.

Anyway if you choose to stay with Sony get use to this sort of crap, and don't buy any games that Bethesda make, cus if you do they are essentially broken games for the PS3, unplayable.

Sony has turned into Sega to me, and I am done, they can shove their next console up their %$@, they will have to prove themselves to me again before I spend another dime on anything they do game system wise.

So far the new Xbox looks really amazing, lets hope they keep home game play alive and well, cus Sony if they don't change their quality and ethic are on the way out perhaps.. Oh and for the record, this is coming from a Forty Seven year old gamer, not some kid, I have been at this a long time, and Ive seen em come, & I have seen em go.

We will see where Sony ends up if they don't step up and change their ways..


I had same problem with my ps3 slim opened it fixed it and haven't had a problem before or after. My xbox on the other hand caught on fire. Ruined my tv i had for only a few weeks. My ps3 has never over heated though.


I have been researching this same issue with the PS3 HDMI ports. Beings mine works only when I lift up slightly on the HDMI cable and then put a Coke bottle cap underneath it. Apparently it has been a large problem with any PS3's, and the only real repair for it, is to provide documentation of purchase date and the console to Sony. They send out a box and everything, and then you just send it back with the original purchase receipt. They refurbish it and send it back. Haven't found out how long it takes, but I am going to just go with mine as is until it quits working completely.


To the first person who commented on this thread I’ve had a ps3 Slim for 5 years, not a single problem and I’ve probably played the !&&* out of the system about 2,000 hours of use. Have had the original xbox 360 for 11 years and I’ve had red rings of death 3 times over about 750 hours of use, had to replace the cooling fan and add a second one that is exterior to the unit and replace the laser reader for the games. Xbox’s are absolute trash for the money you pay monthly online.


I just replaced the HDMI port in my PS3. It required an order from China to get the part (which was close but not 100% accurate, so I had to do a lot of work to get it to fit). The primary issue with the PS3 HDMI port is that the design they used is a split-metal design. that is, the surrounding metal has a split halfway in in it. It's not fully forged.

This in time, spreads apart and makes a bad contact. If the metal is split, eventually the plastic separator between the pins breaks, making contact even more impossible.

To do this I needed a hot air station, a Weller micro pencil soldering station, and a Amscope microscope. It's not an easy repair at all, and probably not worth the time. You can't do this at home without proper (and $$) tools.

It's fixed now, though.


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THIS guide will show you how to get the motherboard out. Inspect the HDMI connector and resolder the joints if necessary


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Its hdmi handshake its a patch error. You can get a hdmi switch will wipe the handshake error and will work completely fine

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