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The Nikon Coolpix L810 is an affordable compact digital camera that offers point-and-shoot capabilities, long-range zoom and video. It is part of Nikon’s L-series and was released in early 2012.

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How can I get memory card to flash drive at a retail shop?

Do not have USB or computer. Is it possible to take memory card to a retail establishment like Walgreens or Walmart and make a flash drive? Or anywhere else you could recommend? I know I can take it and make actual physical pictures but I need it on a flash drive. Please answer. Thank you

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I don’t think Walmart or Walgreens will do that (I could be wrong) but I have a feeling you could talk one of the guys at Best Buy into helping you do it if you bought a USB stick. Of course, with the computers just out on display you could probably do it yourself…

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Depending on if your mobile device supports it, you could use an OTG attachment and let your mobile device do all the file transfers. Use a USB card reader to put the files onto your phone, unplug, and then put in a flash drive to transfer the files back onto.

But yes, you will have to buy an OTG cable/adapter, USB card reader, and flash drive.

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