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A Red Gateway Laptop, manufactured in 2009; it is a medium sized for productivity and leisure.

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How to recover data from corrupted hard drive?

My computer states hard drive not found, but it is there. what to do?

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First of all, reseat the hard drive in its data socket. This may be mounted directly onto the motherboard or connected via a ribbon cable to a socket on the motherboard. In the latter case you could also try reseating the motherboard end of the cable in its socket, though this may not be accessible wihout rather more disassembly.

You can get a cheap SATA-USB adapter on eBay. Remove the hard drive from the laptop and use the adapter to plug it into another computer. If it sees your hard disk you can copy off your data - it would appear your laptop is faulty. If, however, it says your hard disk isn’t formatted then there’s a good chance that Spinrite from will be able to fix it ($89, money back if not totally satisfied). If your data is very valuable to you then search online for a data recovery firm who will probably be able to recover it for a 3-figure sum.

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