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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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firmware lock on MacBook Pro

So I purchased a MacBook Pro from someone which seemed to work fine at first. But then I reformatted the drive so I could install a fresh copy of MacOS.

I noticed that every time I boot up now the lock icon shows up on the screen.

I did some research and found out it is a EFI / Firmware locked. I’m not sure exactly which one is the proper term or if both mean the same thing. Anyways, I have a spare MacBook Pro, same year, same kind of model and was wondering if i could just pull out the logic board from my spare system and put it into the system which is locked?

Would this eliminate my problem and have the ability to use my device? I really hope I can get an actual answer and not some sad person telling me its stolen and to give it back.

Thats not the purpose of this site now is it?

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The best you can do here is contact the original owner for the password.


Guys will unlock it in instagram.


I have an ongoing issue with my mac pro a1278, no help form Apple, they stink, but I am going to iG and get it hacked.


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Apple seems so good at locking these babies up that not only is the logic board locked but the flash storage is locked to the owners name. So if you put the Flash drive into an external OWC Envoy enclosure, it will impose the original owners name onto it. I found this out from a customer who brought one in for me to install a system onto. Yes I could install a system but it identified itself as the original owners stick. I quickly got off internet access as I did not want the police at my door.

I had another customer who’s machine had been stolen out of his car. He used location services that morning and it found it for him. He called the police and the machine was on my bench by one o’clock. The police had picked it up. The person who had taken it tried to do an internet system installation and had wiped the drive. I used my customers Time Machine external backup and had him all fixed up that day.

BTW I am listed with the police as a Mac specialist as I have helped them serval times and my son is a cop. So I am given a degree of latitude if I get on the internet with stolen machine someone has brought me, but I do report them ASAP.

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It seems like you're everywhere on this site just giving stories about yourself, Not answers. This isn't the purpose. I purchased this locked mac from a friend who doesn't remember the password because he has about a dozen macbooks. He works a lot with all of them , i guess he doesn't have the same password on all because he couldn't remember it and he couldn't help me out. He's showed me proof of his purchase so i can verify that its not a stolen computer. Its out of warranty so I don't know if apple can help. and its been messed with a lot. Its way voided out of its warranty since i've done a lot of work with it. I just ended up replacing the logic board and found out it does work and loaded the OS perfectly. So I don't understand why this site allows you to post a random story on how you do work and that your son is a cop. This is the internet not a living room conversation. I also wonder why people never want to answer the question relating to mac security like its some type of secret........


With proof of purchase, you will have no problem getting help unlocking it from Apple.


The newer MacOS integrates Find My iPhone services. Ask your friend fo remove it from his iCloud account if can't its not his system ;-}

The site is not here to defeat security safeguards Apple introduced to protect the device and the users data. Review How to use Find My iPhone to rescue your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirPods and this iCloud: Remove your device from Find My iPhone


Congratulations Mayer for providing the worst answer with the most narcissistic segway to talk about yourself that I've ever seen! lol wow


well, to ask, why is this the chosen answered on the question of the original poster? this makes no sense.


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Yes you can. Motherboards are transferrable from one MacBook of the same model/year to another. Another option is to just transfer the Firmware chip by desoldering and soldering. It is fairly easy, the chip is an 8-pin sitting next to the fan vent cooling grill.

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Apple has change things quite a lot in the EFI firmware with Mojave if your system is running it you'll have a hard time swapping out the EFI chip or even swapping out the logic board.


But not on the MacBook Pro 13" 2012 which is what this is about


Thanks Lars for providing information as opposed to all these naysayers who can't provide answers. There are many legitimate reasons for needing to bypass security measures.

For those who act like answering a question about bypassing security is something taboo, go away. You're the types who see everything in black and white when there are many shades of gray. You're the hall monitors of the internet. You aren't helpful. Go stroke your ego by mumbling under your breath that your morals are far superior to the other commenters who provide helpful answers.


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