8 years on, my 10.4.9 install disk now works but I can't finish Set Up

When starting up from my original install disk 1 (AHT version 3A124 disk version 1.0 2Z691-5974-A) for an erase and install, etc my screen used to show partial text, icons and jagged lines running parallel diagonally from screen edge to edge. There was no top of screen menu or dock either. By some Christmas miracle after 8 years of this issue my install disk now works but once OS 10.4.9 is installed, the device set up process did not complete after several install and set up attempts.

The screen freezes (same as my problem when clean install from 10.5, etc ), sometimes with the spinning cursor beach ball, once there was a grey “no entry” sign in the middle of the screen. As stated in the previous incarnation of this question I can get the machine up and running for months, even years by using the 10.5 install disk plus 10.6 (with certain updates) and then Mavericks, etc

When reinstalling everything, if I connected to the internet to use Software Update, register the machine or download security updates, etc the screen will freeze and I cannot move on at all from here no matter what I do unless I start the entire install process again (from 10.5). Also installing the correct updates (off line and from an external disk) in the correct order can be problematic.

I guess I’ve had my value out of the old girl but it can serve my needs for now if working well. How do I overcome the freezing problem during installation, is my hard disk corrupted or is there another issue you know about?

PS, Thanks for your interest in helping me with the previous incarnation of this question Dan.

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Can you post a few pics showing the odd screen images Adding images to an existing question


@denner - Any news?


Hi Dan, I trust you had a good Christmas. laying down 10.4.9 & 10.5 with all OS, security and Java updates, etc and was able to access the internet OK so I installed 10.6. This was a bit problematic but then after installing 10.6.8 combo, etc several times, I have been having the spinning beach ball cursor or no activity upon opening apps or before being trying to download Mavericks from the Apple Store.

I might try loading 10.6.8 combo, etc again and if that doesn't work reinstall 10.6 or just download El Capitan on top of 10.6.8 by starting the machine up in the emergency partition. Hope you have a nice NYE!


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