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Apple AirPods, Aralık 2016'da piyasaya sürülen kablosuz kulaklıklardır.

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Damaged/ crushed apple airpods


I recently found a pair of apple airpods, and they have been stepped on and crushed. The headphones and the charger case still work. I would like to know if you or your team can replace/ or repair the outter shell of the headphones and charging case.

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Bin them, they’re knackered and past repair. Just buy a new pair if you want some. Even if they could be repaired the cost would probably be more than a new set anyway.


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Good luck getting someone to repair those as they are nearly impossible to repair. Repairing those things gets destructive and isn’t something most repair shops can do. Also, this is a DIY site, not a “send your device in for repair” site.

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