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Repair manuals and information for the Microsoft Surface Laptops.

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Bottom of screen popped out. Something inside must have repositioned.

My Surface Pro 4 is working fine. There is about a 1/4” gap at the bottom of the screen as it has become separated from the unit. There appears to be a bulge inside somewhere keeping me from forcing the screen back to the bottom so the glue can set. I can’t seen inside. I have ordered the iOpener / Toolkit. What will I find inside?

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Can you post a picture? It’s easier to tell.

The screen may pop out due to bent case, internal stress or swollen battery.

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toughest part of this laptop is you have to tear down the keyboard using a knife as the screws are found below keyboard of the laptop as stated in ifixit Microsoft Surface Laptop Teardown

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There is no integrated keyboard with the Surface Pro 4.


Check the guide for tearing down for surface pro 4 system Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Teardown


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Same issue with me and it’s the swollen battery. Using the generated gap it’s much easier to separate the screen and then either to replace the battery or puncture the film of the swollen battery so that it recovers the original shape. If done within one day just place the screen over the original adhesive tape and voila.

Of course not recommended to puncture the battery but was OK for me for emergency use (take care not to overheat the battery during charging and better than breaking the screen) and then replace when new battery was available.

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