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13" laptop part of Dell's E-Series, released 2011. The device features a removable battery, optical drive, and is compatible with a variety of docking stations.

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WIFI card DW1510 Capacitor removed during shipping. Is it necessary?


I Order a Dell dw1510 wifi card to replace my non working dell card. When it come in , it have a small smd capacitor that it was peeled of during shipping. Does anyone know what can this capacitor do? Is it important part for the card? Anyone have schematic about this card? Can the card work without issues without this smd capacitor?

Block Image

Block Image

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I would return the board if you can, otherwise see if you can solder it back on.

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I try to solder it in, but I don't have the micro tools required to do it and this idea failed. Also I don't know if there is polarity in this part. Sadly , the return shipping is more than the total cost of this card and I try to install it in the system, to see what is going on with it. For a strange reason the card is working n Linux , but I don't know if it is working stable and correctly. It is detected and can be connect to a network. Speedtest work as expected, but i don't know if this capacitor removes the mimo functionality from the card and makes it single band... Do you know any method to test if it stable? Can this be a power saver component?


Without reviewing the schematic and board view you're just guessing on what its function is.

If it works then it maybe nothing more than a noise filter.


Yes, I need the schematic. I hope that someone can help me to find it...


Broadcom does not offer them as far as I know.


I speak with seller and he sent me a replacement card. Thanks for the informations!


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