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The Nokia Lumia 730 is a Windows phone released in September 2014. It features a 4.7 inch inch display with a ~316 ppi density and a 6.7MP rear camera.

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Phone keeps rebooting constantly after being dropped in water.

I dropped my Lumia 730 (RM-1040) in a puddle of water, and since then whenever I try to boot it up, it boots up, works for a minute (doesn’t matter if I use it or not) or so and then reboots. I am able to charge the battery through a universal battery charger, and I can confirm that when the phone boots up and I can see the battery percentage. I have been able to do a factory reset and during the process (which took about 7 to 8 minutes) it never rebooted (if it got to the reset progress screen in time). The display and the loudspeaker have been replaced once, before this incident, but I had no issues with that that. I have no idea if I should try to repair this or get a second hand one, and I really would appreciate some advice. It’d be great if it were possible to pin the problem, fixable or not.

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Any time you have liquid intrusion there's never an iron-clad guarantee of identifying a single problem and solution. The fact that you've continued to use the phone and charge it up means that additional problems could have been introduced.

The *right* way to solve this problem is with a full disassembly, cleaning, circuit testing, and microsoldering to solve the problem, but such a process would be more costly than buying a used/refurb phone on ebay.


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It may be toast. I dropped my old iphone 4 in dish water. Immediately pulled it apart, removed the battery and dried everything I could. I then got a bowl big enough to hold the phone in about the middle, then poured rice in the bottom, put the open phone in and covered it with the rice.(I used brown I guess any kid would work) I left it in there overnight and then put it back together. Who knows it may just work, it did for me that phone still works and that was 4-5 years ago. I know not a technical answer but I got lucky!

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