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The Smart Oven® with Element IQ® is a trustworthy tool for the cook who wants a countertop oven that roasts succulent meat, broils, bake pizza, reheas leftovers and toasts evenly. Convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%. Model: BOV800XL

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Thermal fuse or other component?

Display lights up and accepts function settings but none of the elements come on so no heat. I was going to replace the thermal fuse but when I opened the back/side of the housing, I noticed a blackened patch on the board (see photo).

Could use some help diagnosing the problem. Thanks!

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you end up finding the fix to this issue?


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My guess is that the white sleeve covers a push-on spade connector which is loose, causing it to get hot. If you pull it off, clean it up and squeeze it slightly with a pair of pliers, you should be able to make it fit much more tightly and make a better contact.

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Thanks Philip. I lifted the sleeve and there is a push-on spade that is loose. There also appears to be loose “crusty” material under the board beneath the connection. I tried to pull the spade up and off but it is resisting. Should I just apply more pressure and pull harder?


I would be careful about pulling it to much as we don't want the connector to break.


I had the same problem, and I did exactly what Philip said to. Three of my spade connectors were crusty looking and after removing and crimping them slightly the oven works again.


Mine works intermittently. Display works but sometimes I come back to find that it didn't cook and other times it does heat up. Any thoughts?


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For me, my 10 years old Bov800xl stopped heating all of a sudden, thought it was the end…all the panel fonctions were fine but no heat and no sound, …unscrewed the thousands screws to remove cap, after a day, I succeeded, …

ended up trying a number of things, till I had nothing to do left but to remove the mother board, like you can see on the picture above…and found that the fan connector, where the fan wire attach to the mother board, was a bit loose

so unplug fan, and replug tigher.

this simple fan connetion was my problem.

The isolation of my old Breville must be the responsible, deteriorating with time, heating and cooling those connectors every use , *and It has been use, at least twice a day for 10 years…

good luck to you all!

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Need door guide bushing


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My BOV800XL displays E05 and does not accept user input. I did a resistance/continuity check on the temperature sensor, where the connector meets the display panel (that's the easiest spot to get to the two wires going to the sensor). Mine read at 125k ohms of resistance. I think this is what E05 means, but I do not have a definitive answer on that. It makes sense that the device will not allow a user to use the device when the temperature sensor is faulty because it becomes very unsafe if it were to heat uncontrolled.

I also checked the thermal fuse and it was fine. I also checked a lot of the control/power circuit board, and all the variable resistors (blue capacitor looking things) were fine, the triads (they have heatsinks) were fine, all the resistors were fine, and even the capacitors. Notably, those yellow capacitors are X2 capacitors, they are in series with the power (power on one end, power on the other, no ground), so follow their chunky traces to know the flow of higher voltage for any others working on troubleshooting. I had a little trouble testing the relays and transformer, but I hear at least one relay click on when the device is first powered on.

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