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Die Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 204 ist eine Baureihe des Mittelklassemodells C-Klasse. Sie wurde von März 2007 bis Juni 2015 produziert und ersetzte die seit März 2000 gebaute Baureihe 203. Die Fertigung der Limousine endete Anfang Mai 2014.Seit Anfang Februar 2014 wird mit der Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 205 der Nachfolger hergestellt. Im März 2014 wurde die Produktion des T-Modells eingestellt. Als letztes Modell dieser Baureihe wurde das Coupé noch bis Juni 2015 gebaut.

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Repair mercedes sam module at pc shop?

Actually i have an 07 mb e350, w211 body type, wasn't listed in drop down box. Trunk got wet and fried sam module/ signal acquisition module. This controls all car functions and are 3 of these which are connected to a fuse box on each. Can a pc repair shop do this repair. If the original from the car is repaired there is no need for any programming from a mb shop with the star diagnostic system. There are shops that do this but none near me. Also i believe at least 2 of the 3 of the sam modules have been affected. The other not by water but an improper battery change. Excessive arcing when connecting or disconnecting battery is apparently another main cause. My systems are all showing the tell tale signs, dash buttons and radio not working, system malfunctions on multiple systems etc. So would it be ok to ask a pc repair shop to perform this. I read a 64 pin, chip is the root of all this and bad design. Its just a computer board. Not a pc but i assume all the same components go into most circuit boards. Thank you. New sam units are expensive and still need programming, used would work if from exact same model but still need programming. Also most come from totalled vehicles which could have the same problem. Thanks, John.

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Hi there!

If the PC repair shop has some normal people woking there they should be more than pleased to help you out with the SAM module. Not saying that they will fix it 100% but they at least can tell if the module is repairable. But if some water got in there that should just be a matter of soldering, cleaning and testing. I work in a PC repair shop and we do those kinds of things as well. Mainly because I have a car electric diploma :D!

Hope this helps!

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