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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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CPU swap from T7700 to T9500 on iMac 7.1 EMC 2133

Hello all,

I have an old 2007 iMac 7.1 standing around in the attic and wanted to give it a new go. I’ve already maxed out the RAM to 6GB and equipped it with a 750GB SSD which worked quite well.

I also wanted to upgrade the CPU and maybe try and get Mojave running. There have been reports of successful upgrades to a C2D T9300, so I figured I might try my luck with a T9500 SLAYX which I happened upon. I went through all the hoops and swapped the CPU just fine, but after reassembly the machine wouldn’t boot. It would power up and the optical drive would initialize - but nothing after that (black screen).

So I’m wondering if the T9500 is incompatible with my machine or did I get a faulty CPU? And if the T9500 is incompatible, (why) would the T9300 be?

Thanks so much,


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The T9300 which I am using here on this iMac7,1 draws less power and with the patcher runs High Sierra happily - I also upgraded the Airport card so that it supports 80211ac ...


Hello. were you able to solve the problem? I have the same problem


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While the T9500 chip fits the socket it’s not compatible with your system. Your systems BIOS (EFI) does not have the support for this chip.

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Hey Dan,

thank you so much for your reply. I feared as much. :(

So I am wondering if a T9300 would be compatible, then?

Strangely enough, I gave it another go in the meantime and got my iMac working with an X7900 - which is great, but wouldn‘t allow me to install Mojave.

Thanks again,



You'er expecting Apple to know beforehand what Intel will intro years ahead ;-}

Sadly chip and system development doesn't work that way.

Your systems BIOS (EFI) only knows what was real at the time and what Apple used. Review this list EveryMac - iMac7,1 Find your system and look at the CPU listed by each system the other iMac7,1 systems offered a T7700 or X7900 these would work and thats it!

As far as using Mojave Apple does not support any Core 2 Duo system using it and has a couple of good reasons! First Apple has moved to Metal for its graphics services this requires a more advanced GPU,

The other is the limited amount of RAM the Core 2 Duo uses the max of only 6 GB which is just to little to really be functional given the OS's foot print.

Sure! I can force the OS to load and run a small app but thats about it! Useless! Stick with OS-X El Capitan 10.11.x and call it a day.


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While the Core 2 Due T9*** (Penryn) chips are not supported by the 2007 iMac they WILL work.

The iMac will misread the processor speed and will tell you the system is running an 800Mhz CPU, due to it not recognising the processor, however it will run normally.

The exceptions to this are the extreme chips from this generation: X9***. They will boot but will be horribly slow. If I remember correctly that's due to their unlocked core clock which would be great if the iMac could overclock or even knew what the chip was but as it doesn't, will just run with a multiplier of x1 (800Mhz FSB speed x 1 = 800Mhz core clock).

Using the Penryn architecture and some readily available OSX installer mods will allow you to install both High Sierra & Mojave, with the latter being technically possible but probably not worth the hassle due to the aging ATI graphics.

These machines may be on their last legs at this point but with a Penryn CPU, SSD and a boat load of old DDR2 RAM they can still be put to use for checking your e-mails and a bit of light YouTube consumption.


It's worth noting that whilst in this exact use case you can use a couple of unsupported CPU's, most of the time the advice above is worth listening to. Just being able to place a newer CPU in a socket does not mean it will work so if in doubt make sure someone else with the same hardware has managed to successfully do the swap. If not then you're probably out of luck.

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