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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Replaced trackpad only works when touching laptop body?!?

I recently replaced the trackpad (and mounting brackets) on my MBP, as it had been damaged by a swollen battery.

I thought the new trackpad was faulty, but it turns out that it works fine, as long as I am touching the laptop body! I assume this is an issue with electrostatic charge or similar, so that by touching the rest of the laptop I am somehow completing a circuit?

When I'm not touching the laptop (so that the only contact is with the trackpad) the cursor behaves erratically, but as soon as I touch the aluminium body it works perfectly. Do I need to somehow ground or earth the component?

Any advice greatly appreciated, please!!

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Is the flex cable Ok? Are completely you sure you attached the flex cable correctly after mounting the new trackpad?

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The flex cable was fine, so I reused it. It seemed to be attached correctly - I followed the video tutorial as closely as I could. If it works perfectly when I touch the laptop case, I wouldn't have thought that could be the cause…?


OK, so - slight update. Having gone back inside the casing and checked the flex cable, that is fine too. However...when the power supply is removed (i.e. the laptop is working off the battery), the trackpad works fine!!! So it only really jumps around and starts to become unresponsive when it is plugged in to the power and I am not touching the laptop casing elsewhere. I now feel it's something to do with grounding and the power supply...


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