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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Why are various audio plug-ins disabled after changing I/O board?

Diagnosed a failed I/O board on a late 2013 Mac Pro, preventing machine from powering on - swapped out with known good I/O board, this resolved the issue. While the machine was disassembled I removed the internal drive and looked at the data using an external enclosure, mounting on a separate machine. I work at a repair shop so we did try a few other things before discovering the I/O board issue (swapped power supply and interconnect board).

Once the failed I/O board was discovered to be the cause of the issue, we reassembled the machine with a new I/O board and all of the other original components. It now powers on and boots into the user account successfully. I just found out that all of the users audio plugins for various music editing software are now disabled - they are seeing the machine as an unrecognized/unlicensed machine. Is this something that could be caused by the disassembly and reassembly process I performed? Thanks!

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You stated you plugged in the SSD into another system. What did you do to the drive?

Opening the app may’ve invalidated the application as the app was tied to the CPU’s ID code for license control.

You may need to contact the company of the app and/or will need to get the software so you can re-install it with the needed software license.

The other possibility is the ownership of the apps files got altered somehow.

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