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Starting problem, restarting again

My laptop is not starting. After pressing power button it starts and then restart again and again.

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Hey Atul,

I Think If you are a Microsoft Windows User, Then This has Become a Common Problem With Many Diffrent Machines..And It Will Not Matter How Mutch You Spent On the Laptop Or Even Its Specifications..

Ok, So Here I Might Be able to Assist You, (See Below)

Microsoft Has a Reputation For sending Corrupted Updates To All Windows Users..and Your Problem Has Strong Resemblance In This Catagory.

I Will Advise You At This Point To Use..

# The Original System Repair Disk That Came With The machine..

  1. If That Is Not Possible..Maybe Becouse It Is Windows 10,
  2. As I am Gussing With Limited Information of What You Have on The Laptop..(APPS/Programmes/Software,ext). And I Will need More Information Like The Last Update of Software From Any place on The Internet and What OS is Currently Installed on the Laptop..
  3. You Might Be Able To Boot Into “Safe Mode“ And Take Out Some Microsoft Windows Updates.. Witch Would Be The Most Reacent Windows Update(s).
  4. Another Solution Would Be While In “Safe Mode“ Use The Windows “System Restore“ This Can Be Found In “Controle Panel“…and I Understand This Is General Information Because I Do Not Know What Operating System Is On Your Computer..
  5. If You Have Backed Up Your Laptop to an External Storage Device, Then Now, Is When To Use It.
  6. On Booting your Laptop Press the “F8“ Button (Repeatedly) on your keyboard as soon as you notice anything appearing on the screen as you turn the Laptop on.

# If you get Into “Safe Mode“ You Should be able to use your Backup & Recovery from an External Scource, Meaning (External Storage-USB/DVD/External Hard Drive/MMC) ext. & Because you are inside Windows again, you can find what you need in System Settings (Controle Panel)..

  1. So your Options At This Point are..
  2. System Restore..
  3. Window Backup & Recovery.. OR,
  4. Remove Reacent “Microsoft Windows Updates”..

Let Me Know How You Get On With This.. Try These First And Contact Me Here On this Site, So People Can See The Possible Solution Unfolding…

I Will Be More Of Assistance With More Knowledge Of Your Problem..


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