Computer charging cord falls out

I need to replace the charging cord for my laptop (H.P.). But, I don’t want to pay the outrageous amount ( $70 plus ). What other options do I have ? My current charging cord barely stays in place and the slightest movement of the cord causes it to fall out.

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Hi @ramses2 ,

Is the plug (which goes into the laptop) on the cord that is the problem or the socket in the laptop that is not holding the plug securely?

What is the full model number of the laptop?


I am not sure whether it is the cord or the socket but, I strongly suspect it is the cord. HP notebook laptop model 14-anO12r (the model number is so incredibly small that it may be wrong).


Hi @ramses2 ,

Can't find the model number that you stated.

Is it HP 14 -an012nr by any chance?

Is it a Chromebook or a Windows OS laptop?

Here's a link that may help to get the model number (or at least the product number).

The correct model number is needed to ensure that the correct replacement part (if necessary) will be found.

Have you got a compatible charger (or access to one) to try and see if you can determine whether the fault is actually the laptop socket or the charger cord plug?


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