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So, my roommate got a small amount of water in my Switch Pro Controller. I’ve opened it up to clean it before, so I didn’t get too mad. I’m usually very careful when doing these types of things, but when I was putting the controller back together after blotting the insides dry, I find that I’m missing a screw! I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it. I also don’t know how to figure out the size of the replacement.

The furthest screw to the right is the kind that I need another of. The screwdriver is pointing at where it goes.

Block Image

Block Image

It’s about 7mm long, 3mm wide at the head, about 1.5mm at the shaft, and it’s a regular philips head.

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Even though they say Tri-Wing are these any good to you?


Unfortunately no. I think the thread on these screws is too fine. I say "I think" because I've previously ordered a set of replacement screws for my joycon controllers (in case this same problem happens with them and in the hopes that one of these would fit into the pro controller) but the thread is too fine for the pro. Also, my current tri-wing driver is stripped, (I'm waiting on a new one to arrive) so I can't even check the actual joycon screws to make sure that these replacements match up with the threading on the original screws for the joycon. I've added a close up picture of the specific screw in question that I need another copy of.


So, I've got my replacement Tri-Wing driver tool kit and I compared the joy-con screws to the one that I'm missing and they are definitely a different size than the one I'm missing from the Pro Controller.


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