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This guide page will help you diagnose problems with the Toshiba Satellite C55-B5200.

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Where is the motherboard battery?

BIOS time and date is resetting if I don't have the laptop battery in and if I don't have the laptop plugged in. In order to stop that I'll trying to change the motherboard battery. However I do not see it when I take the bottom cover off. I'll trying to find its location.

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Model: C55-B5299

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Hi Alx,

I would guess that it may be under this cover.

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@arthurshi - Authur, You must be good with Finding Waldo puzzles ;-}


It was one of my favorite childhood pastimes :)


This model does not have a CMOS battery on the motherboard. The spot you are showing in the picture looks like a potential placement. If you take the motherboard out you will see underneath there is no battery.


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This laptop model does not have a CMOS battery. On the motherboard you will see a spot that one should be located. If you disconnect or let your main battery run dead you will have to re-enter your date and time settings when booting your laptop for the first time.

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