Late 2013 MBPR no backlight on aftermarket display

14 Months ago I dropped my 2013 macbook pro retina, and lost the backlight on my stock display unit. I ordered an aftermarket one on amazon, installed it and its been working ever since. Until last week, when spontaneously the backlight shut off. I have confirmed its the backlight by shining a flashlight through the back of it and seeing that the display is indeed working. Additionally, the laptop can power external monitors just fine.

I am interested in attempting a board-level repair with this. I was a EE in college, how hard could it be - right :-/ ? Been working my way through similar fixes with Louis Rossmann’s vids on youtube, and have managed to locate and download the schematics and boardview. Unfortunately, it looks as if most of the places I need to probe are on the underside of the logic board.

I managed to get the logic board out last night, flipped it over and did a continuity test on F7700 (the backlight fuse). I didn’t see any signs of dark spots / rust / or water damage with my admittedly underpowered magnifying glass. But I was unable to get continuity for that fuse.

I can attempt to replace it, but I’m concerned that the blown fuse is just a symptom of whatever caused the fuse to blow in the first place. Does anyone have any tips for what I could do to narrow down the problem besides a “blown” fuse?

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