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Why is my iPod not turning on?

hello, today i got back from school and my iPod was very hot. i unplug it and give it some time to cool down and after an hour it was all cooled. i noticed that the iPod was not turning on so i go to plug it in and i thought i heard a “skreeeeeeeee” like a high pitch noise coming from the iPod. i put my ear close and it was coming from the top left corner and the iPod started to get hotter. so i cant get it to turn on and every time it plugs in it makes a high pitch squeal. please if you know what is wrong or know what i need to do to fix it please respond with an answer. Thank you.

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Is it starting to swell?


its just getting very hot and making a squeal. i was scared it would start to melt the iPod so i just left it unplugged for the night. @phonehospital


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Sounds as if there is something wrong with the battery or something else because as it seems, the battery is over heating. Or a circuit short-circuited.

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So why is there noise coming from the top left? That's not where the battery is.


i honestly have no idea @scottpine


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