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The Nokia Lumia 730 is a Windows phone released in September 2014. It features a 4.7 inch inch display with a ~316 ppi density and a 6.7MP rear camera.

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How to remove window 10 update temporary file.

I have a Lumia 735 Window Phone with 8Gb Ram and Window 10 always automatic quietly download partial update files and choked my built in RAM and cause it to run out of space. Check with Microsoft Forum and users are furiously cursing Microsoft but the question got no answer.

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Finally I found a solution. To fool Window 10 Phone and make it automatically discard the temporary files, Just go to your Setting / Time & Languages / Date And Time and set your date to a year later. For example the current year now is 2019. I set it to 2020 and then shut down my phone and restart . The I go to Setting / Update & Security / Phone Update and click retry and it will return an error and purge all the temperary files.

I then shut down and restart again. voola! The Temporory file is gone and I regain the space.

However this is not a permanent fix and there is no way to turn off the automatic window 10 update and one day it will get choke again. just repeat the procedure and you are able to live on. Until you trash your window phone and move to IOS or Android. Hope this help to ease the temporary frustration,

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