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Water and Ice Dispenser Running Very Slow

My refrigerator dispenses water very slowly and makes a rapid fire clicking noise when the water dispenser is activated, like the valve is opening and closing very rapidly. The same noise occurs when it tries to fill the ice tray. I assumed it was going to be a problem with the main intake valve, so I replaced it. The new one worked well for about 3 weeks, but then the same problem returned. I thought maybe I had the same problem with the valve, so I returned that valve and got another one. The problem continued with that valve too. Not sure what the next step is going to be. My assumption would be some sort of valve driver board. Could check voltage levels at the valve, but I wouldn’t know what good voltage levels would be anyway. Is this something I should continue trying to repair on my own or should I just call a repairman?

The refrigerator type is 20FDMB and the model number is WRF560SEYB04 if that helps at all.

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Pull the ice maker out and let it defrost. Note if the sound continues during this period. If gone inspect the gears that dump the ice tray from broken ones. Of course they may just have an ice build up on them. You will know when you replace the ice maker.

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