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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Trouble after battery replacement

After replacing the battery, when it starts up, the battery capacity is 1%, and an icon pointing to the Lightning cable is displayed. If the cable is disconnected and started after charging is complete, it will be 1% as well. What should I do now.

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You damaged the motherboard. There's a little transistor (RV3C002UN) near the charging port which functions as a sort of "fuel gauge" for the battery. You damaged or removed that transistor during your repair. Can be replaced via microsoldering.


Specifically, please tell me what to do.



Find a service (either locally or mail-in) that provides microsoldering repair for your iPad; try for starters. Microsoldering requires specialized equipment and training/practice; it's not something that people can do on their own at home.


Thank you for the valuable information.


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Did you get the battery from IFIXIT because this can happen with a bad quality battery.

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