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The PowerBook 170 was released by Apple Inc. in 1991 along with the PowerBook 100 and the PowerBook 140. Identical in form factor to the 140, it was the high end of the original PowerBook line featuring a faster 25 MHz Motorola 68030 processor with Floating point unit (FPU) and a more expensive and significantly better quality 10 in (250 mm) active matrix display. It was replaced by the PowerBook 180 in 1992.

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PowerBook 170 does not turn on

My Macintosh PowerBook 170 does not turn on.

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@reaowe you did not tell us how you did the reset. This is what Apple suggested many years ago:

Power Manager Reset

Reset the power manager if the battery and power adapter are proven good, but the computer will not power on. The computer will not reset after a system crash.

To reset the power manager in a PowerBook 140/145/145B/170,

• Remove the AC adapter and the battery.

• Let the unit sit without power hooked up for 3-5 minutes.

• Then, use two paper clips to simultaneously press and hold for approximately 30 seconds both recessed buttons (commonly known as the reset and interrupt buttons) located next to the power button on the back panel of the PowerBook.

• Reinstall the battery and, if necessary, reconnect the AC adapter.

• Turn on the computer.

If that does not work you want to check your AC adapter to see what the voltage is. Also, the Powerbook 170's don't power up at all if the PRAM battery is dead.The PRAM battery is located directly under the keyboard! Some PowerBook may require soldering two pins.

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Thanks! I already reset the PB Power Manger, from the following above. I think the PowerBook A adapter is working (at least the last time I tried when the computer was working). I decided not to replace the PRAM battery for now, the reason why the computer didn't ""turn on" was the display cable was not attached, the last time I have it open. I attached the cable and the computer powers up when the last time I left it before I opened the PowerBook 170. The PowerBook turns on with the startup sound, but does not show the missing floppy disk icon. It shows an blank screen and the hard drive spins. What should I do?


Any thoughts on where to get a replacement PRAM battery? Is it a special type or easily available?


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there are many possibilities, your battery is busted, your logic board is also may be busted, or it may be old. this computer os more than 20 years old so it might be worn out.

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I reset the Macintosh PowerBook Manger. With no success. I am running only on AC adapter. No battery, I took the battery out because it had corroded the battery terminals on the battery itself. The PowerBook battery terminals are I think fine.


Ok good to know


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Usually the AC adapter fails on these machines.

In fact, I haven’t seen an AC adapter in the last 5-7 years from these series PowerBooks that was still good.

But luckily, they are easily repairable, just need a complete replacement of capacitors. I repaired two in last year and they now work as good as new.

So, replace or repair your AC adapter (7.5V 2A) and see if anything changes. If you have a voltmeter nearby, check the output voltage on the adapter output jack.

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I tested the AC adapter with a multimeter so I think it works just fine. Thanks for the suggestion through. :)


Anything else I can check or do?


You must test the AC adapter with some load. Unloaded AC adapter might output 7.5V but drop when connected to laptop.


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