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Apple AirPods, Aralık 2016'da piyasaya sürülen kablosuz kulaklıklardır.

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Airpods pair with iPhone 6S Plus while in case

After I washed my Airpods in the laundry, not in dryer, I removed and let dry for a day. Now the Airpods regularly and randomly connect to my iPhone 6S Plus. iPhone displays the Airpods pop up tile when this happens. this happens when both pods are in the case with the case lid closed. This is causing connectivity issues with vehicle bluetooth connect to iPhone as I assume they are randomly connecting. Also the Airpods battery indicator is in a constant state of charging and the case battery is decreasing rapidly now. Down to 50% in 10 hours with 1-2 hours of Airpod use. Airpods seem to work and charge fine other wise. Any ideas?

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It is possible that some of the power management circuitry in the AirPods got water damaged, as the AirPods is not IP rated. Did only the AirPods get washed, or did the case also get washed?


If its a bluetooth issue it's obviously the Airpods


@arthurshi the case and pods were washed.


Interesting. I think the case may be the damaged part rather than the AirPods, as it sounds like it is constantly initializing pairing (the pairing button may have shorted, or the hinge sensor). The case is also less sealed than the AirPods, so it may have been more susceptible to water damage.

Try connecting your AirPods with your iPhone without having your case close by. If it doesn't trigger the popup tiles, it may be the case.

If you have access to a different case (friends, Apple store?), try it with your AirPods to see if it's the issue.

Unfortunately, maybe both AirPods and case are damaged. Neither are repairable...but if it's the case, at least you can buy a replacement one separately.


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I would visit an Apple Store with your AirPod’s, the pod’s case and a USB cable see if they will allow you to try their pod case with your AirPod’s. If Apple Store’s pod’s case works with your AirPod’s you know you need a new case.

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