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Hasbro released this Furby model in 2012. Furby is intended for young children and up to young adults.

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What soundcard does the Furby Boom use?


I’m a uni student interested in changing out a furby boom’s soundcard and replacing it with a custom one which features voicelines from a character in a video game.

I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find any answers to this question - any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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You’ll need to modify the soundcard in the curvy by hacking.

I know that "fluffd" is there to make interacting and controlling Furby Connect and maybe works on Furby booms via BLE from your Linux, macOS, FreeBSD or Windows computer simpler. Thanks to its client-server model, it can also easily be used on something like a Raspberry Pi. fluffd requires either builtin Bluetooth Low Energy (e.g. the one integrated into Raspberry Pi 3) or a USB Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher) adapter.

Block Image

Block Image

This video might help:

Here’s a site that may help:

Here’s another site that might help:

This site might help:

This site might also help:

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To do that you would have to modify the soundcard in the curvy by hacking

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