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Apple's 2016 revision to their laptop lineup targeted at professional users. Features a 15-inch, 2880-by-1800 Retina display, quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 GB / 512 GB /1 TB / 2TB storage options, 16 GB RAM, and a keyboard equipped with a Touch Bar. Released November 2016. Features Model A1707.

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My Display is working only in a certain angle

My Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has problems!

My internal display works only in a certain angle and doesn’t display in the 90 degree angle.

I have been using the same system using Airplay through my Apple TV and also using an external Display.

However not able to figure out the exact reason for the display not functioning.

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Both the 13” & 15” 2016/17 MacBook Pro Touch Bar systems face the same issue its dubbed FlexGate!

Apple encountered a design defect that only showed up later in use with these systems displays. The cable that connects the display to the logic board backlight logic fails. Sadly, Apple has not fessed up on this defect and you’ll need to get your display replaced out of pocket, Ouch!

Here’s some good references:

Don’t forget to sign the petition here: Fix all MacBook Pro 2016 and later with stage light effect or backlight shutdown #flexgate

Save your paperwork! If Apple finally addresses this you should get a rebate.

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