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Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen Smart Watch manufactured by Motorola Mobility in 2015. Wearable Smartwatch that connects to your phone.

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Looking for suggestions on how to remove the button from the case

As the question title states, I’m looking for suggestions on how to remove the button from the case of a Moto 360 2nd Gen (42mm). I’ve tried tweezers (both a friend’s iFixit set and a professional phone repair place; end result was tweezers bent, and button didn’t budge), fine tip flat tip screwdriver (no dice). Anyone have any suggestions on where to find the 6 lug spanner/spindle nut (not sure of what it’s called exactly) that fits the button, or anything that might grip it snugly enough to back out the button? My inability to back out the button is holding me up from replacing the battery. Thanks. :)

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Colleagues! I would be grateful for your experience on how to return this button to its place! These six pins on the ring should fall into place. But how to achieve this?


I’m having the same issue as the original question. I my button also seems to be jammed. I tried heating it up with a lighter to loosen up the screw, and even a drop of WD-40. Still does not budge. The tweezer that came with the set does nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.


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In my toolbox was nothing to fit in those small holes, so I had to find an alternative way:

My solution was to pull the cover ring a bit out, but only so much that it would hold the inner cylinder. Then turn it around with a flat pliers (dont know if thats the correct word, but any pliers will do the job). And it worked. Ok, there is a risk that the ring will break, but mine ended up with no scraches or any marks.

Maybe you can put something between the ring and the case, so that it is less fiddly to hold it there and give the pliers some tape so that you dont get scraches for sure. But otherwise its the best way I have found.

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This entirely. Only suggestion is to leave the ring all the way flush as it is. It has less of a chance of breaking or bending those fine teeth that way. Once you get about a half turn on it you can easily unscrew it with your fingers with a tight pinch.


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I was actually finally able to back out the button using a 6mm 2-pin spanner bit that seemed to fit well enough into two of the pin holes. However, while I consider my question resolved, as ultimately I only really wanted to be able to fix my watch, it would still be nice to be able to find the proper tool for this task if it exists somewhere, as someone else may benefit from it. But my watch is now running on the replacement battery from iFixit, and all seems to be well so far; time will tell if my battery life issues have been addressed.

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