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MacBook Air shuts off when trying to recover

I just acquired a 2012 macbook air. It shuts off when i try to restore it. It’ll connect to the wifi for internet recovery, but it shuts off before getting to the macos utilities screen. i tried removing the hard drive and booting off usb, but it does the same thing. The fan runs full speed the whole time. It will also turn itself on whenever you attach the magsafe or plug the battery connector back in, not sure if either of those are related.

Any ideas? It will run through the hardware test fine, even the extended testing which takes like an hour.

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What is the color of the MagSafe charger LED, Amber or Green?

With the battery disconnected and only have the MagSafe connected is the system stable then?


Amber. It still does the same thing with the battery disconnected and just on magsafe.


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At this point I would boot the system up in Target Disk Mode using a second system. Then if it had anything important back it up, if not I would wipe the drive and re-install a fresh copy of OS. You do want to be careful here as you don’t want to install anything newer than what it had before. It sounds like you have a virus or malware running.

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It's a blank drive in there.


OK, using your other Mac via Target Disk Mode, format the drive to GUID with a journaled volume (HFS+), then install a fresh copy of MacOS. I would stick with Sierra as the highest.


Dan's the man. Clap, clap. From my experience certain machines only respond with the original system disc/key/download. Taking it back to original shipped version rarely works.

If the fans are up constantly. Likely to be point to GPU issues.

Hardware test is not foolproof. Prone to error.

Try creating the nearest bootable USB stick to the system it shipped with.

Créer une clé USB bootable


Jason - Installing a fresh OS via Target Disk Mode has one issue you need to be careful with which is why it's important not going higher than system had before.

Sierra and older MacOS's uses the older firmware versions which will only boot up under HFS+. High Sierra and Mojave now uses a newer version firmware which supports both HFS+ & APFS. But! If you installed the newer OS on it the system won't boot as the installer wouldn't have updated the target systems firmware only the active system which you are using.

The MacBook Air's use the Intel graphics engine which is part of the CPU.

Sure using a bootable USB drive to install your OS is an alternate way which also works! As long as the OS is supported by the system, it doesn't need to be the original OS. This system supports upto High Sierra but that would need to be done later as an update after getting it working first!


I'm gonna try that when I get home in a few hours. Any reason why internet recovery wouldn't work though? It shuts off before it even gets to the screen where i can do anything with the disk.


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