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Smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Released March 31, 2016. Features a 9.7" display, A9X processor, and 32/128/256 GB storage options. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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DIY RAM Upgrade Possible?

Seeing as the logic board contains a separate chip for RAM (the Samsung K3RG1G1), is it not hypothetically possible to desolder the existing RAM and replace it with a higher capacity chip? It sounds like a cheap way to pull slight more performance from the device.

Forgive me if I'm missing something important that makes the answer obvious.

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RAM are highly likely to be custom packages made for this specific model, so compatible chips with bigger capacity simply don’t exist.

Or they could be just regular phone RAM chips, like those layered on top of phone SoCs.

Even if you manage to install a bigger RAM chip, I’m not sure the chip will be properly identified. Unlike computer RAM, which is designed to be user replaceable, soldered-on chips may not have the built-in mechanism for identification at all, rather relying on the CPU to read board ID resistors to determine configuration, which a bigger configuration probably was never programmed.

Since the hardware was never designed with bigger RAM, I’m not sure if iOS will try to use the extra RAM at all. It could statically configured to use only the allocated amount, at least so for VRAM. Not sure if that is actually the case though.

NAND storage chips can be replaced, but in order for the iOS device to be properly restored and activated, the device serial numbers and other hardware identity has to be modified. This must be done with special equipment so definitely not a DIY job.

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Thank you. Your answer seems the most concise.

Basically, it’s never been tried so theres risk of iOS rejecting it altogether, and it’s a very technical procedure to attemp, if I understand correctly. In otherwords, even if i save hundreds of dollars compared to a newer Pro, the risk incurred is liable to be greater than necessary, not to mention the difficulty in accessing the correct tools, making it not worth the trouble.

Curious if it could be done still, but I’m clearly not the one to try.


Thanks you dear brother.


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II know you can upgrade the flash drive storage by micro soldering a new chip, but that’s a difficult process. Apple’s memory management and iOS would probably not take advantage of the extra ram as it’s very efficient as is. What are you trying to accomplish? The iPad Pro is already a very quick device and iPads and iPhones have never been fast because of the amount of ram. It’s all about the processor.

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Sorry Replacing the flash chip is not a DIY without the proper micro soldering tools and skills getting the chip off and replaced is almost impossible. Then the design of the iPad follows how the iPhone is designed with a locked in security system across the chips so you need to be able to program the chip.

The last factor is cost its just not worth it.


@danj Care to link to documentation detailing this? AFAIK the iPhone merely keeps a manifest of parts, and errors such as 53 only occur when parts related to security (co-processor, display housing with face/touch id) are changed without “recalibrating”. Storage itself has been upgraded on an iPad, and memory itself, even on mobiles, is fairly uniform across devices when it’s own chip. I would think, theoretically, as long as I had a chip with matching speed (in MHz), type (LPDDR4), and PIN count, it should register fine as long as it’s a size iOS knows how to handle (such as 4GB, maybe 8GB).

And if I could find access to the right tools, LPDDR4 mobile memory is as cheap as $12 (around $20 for a 4GB chip). Granted I don’t know if this is the correct pin-count or speed, but I digress, if i could access the right tools, I don’t see how it’s expensive.

Memory is memory; it’s cleared on shutdown so it shouldn’t be holding sensitive data anyhow. Not sure it’d be considered one of those locked down parts. After all, storage can be replaced and it’s arguably more sensitive in general.


@thinksmartpc RAM effects games (e.g. Minecraft for instance), as well as it’s ability to multitask or handle large files (e.g. large multilayer files in Procreate; large datasets in shortcuts) — things directly tied to memory. Im not looking for a speed upgrade. Think of it like a single-lane vs multilane highway: the speed limit is still the same, only now it handles more cars.

The A9X is more than capable, but the 2GB of RAM limits it more than it should. Im already experiencing jutting of the UI and stalling of apps, despite it benchmarking above the “standard” result set by Geekbench. More RAM would mean more breathing room for apps to work, and more power in memory dependent apps as well.


I think @tomchai answered the issues much better than me.


@misutaaurufu I understand how memory works. Im just pointing out that iOS devices have never had a lot of RAM and are usually heralded as very smooth running devices.


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