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The Sapphire Dual-X R9 270X OC Edition is released on October 8th, 2013. It has a core clock of 1020MHz with a memory clock of 1400(5400)MHz @ 256 bit. It features a 2GB GDDR5 Memory. This GPU is also qualified for AMD Crossfire technology.

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No display but fans are spinning

I bought this last month because the store is having a sale. Since I got it cheap, there are no warranties. It was working for a month then it died for no reason. I haven’t done anything abusive (like overclocking, etc). While the PC is on, I touched the part where the die is placed. It’s not heating up but the fans are spinning. I don’t get any display either. I tried the card with a different rig and it is still the same. I cleaned the contacts with 99% alcohol and tried it again. Still won’t display. I plugged the cord of my monitor to the integrated graphics display port and it did show something (the bios, windows boot manager). I tried using another video card to test my motherboard and it did work. What could be the cause of this sudden death? I also plugged in the 2nd 6 pin (there were 2 of them) but still wont function. Are there any fuse to check? I don’t find disposing as an option because it feels like it is still repairable. Do share what you have in mind. I do know how to solder (and similar). I need help in finding the fault.

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Soldiering will not help a lot in cases of dead GPUs. Now, few things:

  1. If you tested this GPU on multiple computers that have working PCIex slot, and it shows no signs of life, its probably dead.
  2. You tried other cards on your computer - no image; now that is a bit confusing. Maybe you did not change your BIOS to initialize PCIEx GPU instead of using onboard? Depending on your motherboard, there should be a BIOS setting that prioritizes discrete GPU instead of onboard. If this is not what is causing it, than I suspect power supply. Even if something is wrong with PCIEx slot, your graphic card shouldn’t get fried by that. On the other hand, faulty power supply can fry both GPU and PCIEx slot. And in some even more bizarre cases monitors that are not plugged into a grounded socket can fry graphic card, and other components (this was more common with VGA/DVI ports).

It is fair to assume your graphic card is dead. As a last light of hope, you could try updating your MBO BIOS to see if thats gonna change anything, but chances are slim.

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@matt88 Here are my answers:

1.) I have tested this with several computers. It shows signs of life (like a bit of heat and fans are spinning).

2.) Oh, I think I made a confusion there. I tried other cards and it worked perfectly fine. I did change the settings from the BIOS. Instead of "Force" (which forces the bios to use only the IGD), I picked 2 of them. The first attempt is set it to "Auto". No result. Second is to set it as "Disabled". It gave me 4 beeps (2 slow and 2 fast, same tone). The BIOS is AMI Aptio. My PSU is Corsair VS550.

3-ish "It is fair to assume...".) I have updated the BIOS from 1.0 to 2.1 (which is the final updated version). Instead of 4 beeps, it gave 3.

2.1) The country where I'm in doesn't have a ground pin (is it because the electric posts have already ground in them?)

I only have an HDMI plug atm. My monitor only has VGA and HDMI. The GPU has 2 DVI (looks identical), 1 "not-so-familiar" port, and an HDMI port.


The computers I used to test are completely different (aside from HDD, RAM, PSU)

The specs of the computer I used to test:

Motherboard: ECS A970M-A

CPU: AMD FX 8350 (AM3)


RAM: 4x 4GB Kingston DDR3 1866MHz

PCI: Linksys WMP54G (nothing else)


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