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A 2010 Aspire, part of a series of personal computers by Acer Inc. aimed at the casual household user or for small business use.

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overheating problem, how to open it to clean it?

Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5740g, last summer it was cool all the way but this summer it's been having some overheating problems.

I'm an IT Technician so I don't do all those stupid mistakes of putting over my legs or whatever, it's overheating even with the back lifted.

So I want to open it and clean the dust because that's probably the problem, but I wanted some help this is my only computer and I really don't want to damage it.

Thanks in advance.

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its a lot of work to disassemble and assemble the laptop ( count 3 hours) but it works great! my temps dropped from 105 to 62 degrees.

maybe a quicker way is just using a vacuum cleaner near the vent in and



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Since the 5740G uses the same chassis as 5738G the service manual for that model can be foundright here So go ahead and download it, see if that is what you need to spare your Acer from a melt down :-) Good Luck.

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Thank you for the link but I actually had to do the tear down some hours ago, the computer kept crashing over and over because of overheating, I did some tests, with the back up and with fan blowing at it the coolest it got where 64º C and that's a lot, with the computer on normal position with the back lifted 4 cm it was like 71-74º C so yeah I teared it down and it all went ok, cleaned it and it's working better than ever (: thanks anyway I'll check the pdf and then comment on it so others can do this easier


Just to warn people, if you follow the pdf it should be ok but the flat cables don't push them, see the black thingy it comes up like a switch and looses the flat cables up, also don't forget the wireless cable position and it will be a pain to get them in the place after you're done (: xD


thank you for accepting my answer. Well, the manual is what comes directly from Acer to their tech's. good thing you could do the correction. And a really good thing that you got it cleaned, because that is a lot of heat you were generating...Good Luck to you nad your computer. All the best.


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Just resolved that problem myself... and made some little post about it...

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Links not working anymore


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