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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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My PC is not taking charge it is plugged in but not charging

it is not charging its just work when plugged in but after removing charge it get off after 2 minutes

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You don't mention if the charging light comes on or not nor how long this has been happening.

Also, how old is the battery? Has the time of holding a charge decreased gradually or has this been sudden?

If gradual and the battery is a few years old then try replacing the battery.

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battery is just 1 year old it takes charge it shows charging icon but whenn i plug it out it get off after 5 min and battery always show 0% charge even if i keep it on charge for 2 hours. this problem is from 10 days and i have recently changed the charger cable


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As a computer repair professional with 34 years experience, including 7 years as a Dell Field Repair Technician, without knowing the make or model of the device, we can only guess what the issue is caused by.

That being said, when a laptop can only function via the AC Adapter and the battery refuses to charge, either the motherboard is not sending the signal to the battery to be charged, or the battery is depleted and can no longer hold a charge, or the power transfer cable between the battery and the motherboard is not sending the charge between the two.

Without actually examining the unit, it’s impossible to know which. In my professional opinion, and without more details, the simplest fix is to replace all 3. The motherboard, the battery, and the transfer cable.

If your unit is still under warranty, then call the manufactures Helpdesk department, tell them the Service Tag/Serial Number of your unit and they will advise you after that.

If the unit is out of warranty, ask the manufacturer if you can purchase the parts I mentioned above and do the replacements yourself. If the costs to repair it exceed the cost of just buying a new laptop with a new warranty, then you have decide if this is worth it to you.

Good luck.


In my personal experience, I don’t recommend buying third-party parts that are not manufacture compliant and approved. Just installing them will void the remainder of whatever warranty remains, if any. If the warranty is expired, then you can do as you please.

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