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Entry level laptop introduced in 2015. Comes in a range of processor options from the Celeron to the Core i7. Also comes with a few AMD processors, but most are Intel based.

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Dropped laptop. Display is black. Powers on. Works on external monitor

I have an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576G-5762 which took a tumble onto concrete the other day. There is no visible damage; however, the screen will not power on. It is completely black (no backlighting, dim lighting, etc). The laptop powers on perfectly and displays on an external monitor perfectly. Could this be a sign of a loose connection or something worse?

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It can be a loose connection from the display cable that plugs into the back of the laptop panel.

To check this it will require disconnecting the internal or removable battery. On some models there is a quick power disconnect switch that is engaged when removing the hard drive and memory bottom cover expansion bay.

Once power has been disconnected safely you can start removing the plastic bezel that covers the screws holding the screen and the screen cable.

Here is a video of how to get the screen replaced, you can use it to help you re-seat the screen cable on the screen itself:

If that doesn’t help I would recommend going to a local reputable laptop repair store to get the screen replaced.

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