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The Chevrolet Silverado is a line of trucks under the Chevrolet brand and manufactured by General Motors. Mechanically, the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are identical.

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Windows roll down but not up

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my power windows. They all roll down using the driver door or their own switch but the only one that rolls up is the driver window. My driver door also has an issue with unlocking and locking the door, not sure it’s related or not. I’m not sure if I need to replace a fuse or the whole switch or if it’s something more complicated. I don't hear any grinding or noise, they just don’t move up.

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just fixed a Chevy around same year this post was created about found my problem was a open in big black ground wire between driver door jam i suggest unplugging the harness @ the fuse box along driver side dash fishing the wire through its hole back out through door jam take off all electrical tape inspect black wire for cracks need to remove plastic around interior hood latch


Replace the Driver door window switch. the window switch has both the lock/unlock and window functions integrated. in order to install the switch, you may have to pull the door panel off.


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First thing is, I think there’s a larger square fuse that can go bad and produce all kinds of crazy behavior with the power window operation. This is relatively simple and inexpensive to replace, and just might be your problem. Just can’t be sure.

Next, just so you can know, the wires that supply the power to the power window master control at the driver’s door are contained in a protective encasement coming from the main body of the vehicle and entering the driver’s door in the jamb area of the door, only visible when you open the door. what this means is that over time the repeated opening and closing of this door can possibly cause wear and damage to the wiring in that encasement, including those supplying the power windows. This can also be the possible source of your problem.

Need to know more specifics about your vehicle (year, make, model, sub-model, etc.) to consult your wiring diagram, in order to come up with more possibilities.

Otherwise, it’s a matter of accessing the power window wiring, switches and relays, etc., by removing the interior door panel, and using a multi-meter (or voltage indicator) to test the circuits and switches, etc., for voltage, to eventually identify the problem.

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I think @fixnpop59 is on the right track here. I've run into this situation before, and it did indeed turn out to be a broken wire in the bundle going between the door frame and the door itself.

There are usually three wires going to the motor; a ground and two power wires. One of the power wires runs the window up and the other reverses the motor and runs it down, so it sounds like the "up" wire has broken.


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I have a version of this issue. The rear left door window. Both the driver switch and read left door switch fire down but not up. Replaced the regulator/motor already. No obvious sign of fuse. Could both switches be bad in the same way? The wires in the bundle as observed seem fine, but not sure how to troubleshoot from here. Thoughts appreciated!

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Did you ever find an answer to this problem?


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