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Released in March 2016. Model SM-G891A.

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"Moisture has been detected" issue.

All of a sudden my S7 active started to claim that “moisture has been detected” and that I had to remove the cable and dry the charging port. The phone has never been exposed to water. I followed all the advice I could find online:

·       Stored the phone in basmati rice for an entire week

·       Used hair drier for over 3 hours blowing straight into charging port and open SIM card port

·       Left it in the sun for a few hours constantly ensuring it never overheated

The problem persisted and the battery ended up dying. I then followed the disassembly guide found on and removed the piece of board that contains the charging port. I then cleaned it and removed any sign of corrosion (which there sure was). Now re-assembled the phone refuses to react to the power button as well as to the charging cable and remains completely dead. Any advice? Can I buy the piece of board with the charging port from anywhere?

Thanks for your answer!

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@bikeoholic absolutely can you get that part. Do a online search for “Samsung Galaxy S7 Active SM-G891A USB Charging Dock Port Mic Flex Cable “ or check this place It is in stock and not expensive. Also, remember to change your battery as well.

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